D.C, MD and VA
19th September, 2010; 5p-11p
The Fall 2010 GTG was a huge success with 47 folks gathered in Ashburn, VA for a night of talking and playing Bass.  We had over 80 basses and 15 amps (as well as a Stick and a Didgeridoo!) assembled there.  Kevin Brubaker came down from Maryland to present some of his Basses (and guitars!) and did a impromptu QnA/demo, which was very well received by the audience and created lots of G.A.S.! 

The main event of the night was the ‘Bassology’ clinic by Anthony Wellington.   Stripping things back to basics in an enjoyable and understandable way, Anthony’s clinic was a great catalyst for all us Bass Players to consider what we do and was delivered with Anthony’s usual relaxed and friendly style.  Of course there were some great playing demos to round off a fantastic clinic.

Then came the prize draw.  Again we’d like to thank the generosity of our Sponsors who donated some wonderful prizes.

The night finished with an Open Jam. As someone said: “Put more than one bassist on a stage and you’ve always got trouble”, four or five and it gets real interesting!

Throughout the night folks had the chance to meet fellow bassists and try out a huge range of basses in a relaxed setting, with individual rooms if required.  Pizza and refreshments kept everyones’ energy levels high and before we knew it is was time to tear-down and to start planning the next one!

We’ve put together a short feedback survey to allow us to hear your thoughts and views about the event.   If you went to the event and would like to take it Click Here.AW.htmlSponsors.html
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